Announcing construx development middleware

    Previously, our development JIT-compile solution for all technologies (dust, less, sass, etc) was built entirely into a single module, kraken-devtools. Over time, it became obvious that a single module attempting to support all the different types and versions of file transformations was unmanageable.

    Upgrading to Makara 2

    With the release of makara 2.0.0 last week, I figured it would be a good time to illustrate how to migrate to the new internationalization system from an application using the Kraken 1.0.0 components like localizr and engine-munger.

    New I18n Support for DustJS

    Last week we soft-released a new version of makara and adaro, the internationalization components for Kraken and Dust templating. It’s a whole re-engineering of the system to solve a bunch of flaws and to future-proof it.

    Announcing our new blog

    We’ve been remiss for some time about announcements. We’ve always used our twitter account for announcements and information about the project, but that doesn’t lend itself well to release notes, change logs and more thoughtful pieces.